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Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Builders Kit


The Axial® Capra ™ 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Builder kit is a "new from the start" design that any advanced RC enthusiast eager for high end tracking will appreciate. Its Currie F9 portal axles provide extra ground clearance in the diff pumpkin for the best tracking performance. With the included DIG transmission, you can also switch between 4WD and FWD directly from your 3-channel transmitter - locking the rear axle whenever you need the tighter turning radius of front-wheel drive power. Capra features a realistic tube chassis design and metal gears everywhere, from the central transmission to cabinets and portal shafts. It runs on licensed Raceline 3-piece molded beadlock wheels that can be fitted with the 1.9 tires you prefer. For pioneering performance in an RC buggy kit, choose the Axial Capra. CURRIE F9 PORTAL AXES Currie F9 portal shafts add substantially more ground clearance in the diff pumpkin, while providing an excellent 7.39: 1 gear ratio. Fully driven by ball bearings and metal gears throughout for greater durability. HI-PINION GEARS Ring and pinion gears are machined steel, including cabinet. The design utilizes a six bolt design for added durability. DIG TRANSMISSION The new transmission features a DIG function that provides the toughest turning radius on an industry-leading conveyor belt. When necessary, simply switch from four-wheel drive to front-wheel drive by locking the rear axle of your transmitter. The transmission also includes a complete set of ball bearings and all internal metal gears for strength and durability. NOTE: Dig functionality requires an additional micro servo, not included. Micro Dig Servo SPMSSX107 (for Dig operation) UNIVERSAL AXLE SET Universal joint shafts allow up to 45 degrees of steering and provide smoother action for an efficient, better performing driveline. • Up to 45 degrees of direction • Smooth action for efficient transmission system • Compact and durable design • hardened steel construction WB8 HD WILDBOAR ™ DRIVESHAFTS WB8 HD Wildboar ™ front and rear drive shafts feature a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 screw shaft (2mm hex drive) for added strength. A central splined slider floats between each end and added material to reduce bending and fatigue. 6MM STAINLESS STEEL LINKS 6mm stainless steel strong links with high quality plastic shank ends for durability All links are metallic including steering. STAINLESS STEEL PIVOT BALLS All pivot points are in stainless steel balls that provide a durable and durable suspension point. SKIDPLATE WITH BOAT CAN Capra has a small skidplate footprint with the sides of the boat to help you maneuver and glide over difficult and challenging obstacles. STAINLESS STEEL STEERING LINKS Steering links are also made of 6mm stainless steel for precise steering and durability. BIG HOLE ALUMINUM SHOCK The oil-filled shocks are a whole new design, with hard anodized threaded shock bodies and a single coil spring. Increasing the hole size creates more fluid volume for better performance. A bleed screw helps bleed shock air during assembly for greater consistency. The shocks are also adjustable so you can get the best damping rate. Springs included: AXI233006 Spring 13x70mm 1.72lbs / in Red (2) Soft AXI233008 Spring 13x70mm 2,4lbs / in Green (2) Company 4 LINKS SUSPENSION We have adjusted the suspension geometry with multiple mounting locations for top link assemblies to provide the best tracking capabilities. 1.9, 3 PIECE RUBBER WHEELS For stunning scale appearance and serious track performance, we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ve equipped the Capra ™ with the officially licensed 3-piece Raceline Monster beadlock wheels. NOTE: Tires are not included. LED LIGHT BAR A roof mounted LED light bar helps light the way of those night trails with your friends. Additional LED lights can be added to the headlights (optional LED lights not included). REALISTIC INTERIOR Realistic details of the range include: internal polycarbonate tray with molded driver figures, pre-cut color decals with simulated carbon fiber panels, simulated GPS navigation meters and gauges, two black styrene helmets with display decals and much more. more! Grill and headlight bucket The molded plastic front grille has two clear plastic headlight lenses with light buckets (optional LED lights not included). Behind the grid, only

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