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SPEKTRUM SR6100AT 6 Canais AVC c/Telemetria 2.4 GHz DSMR


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Smart Technology — More connected for more confidence and control Spektrum™ Smart Technology is about offering a higher connection to your hobby. It''''s an RC ecosystem that puts you in complete control while making vital components of your model easier to use than ever before. Smart technology ensures that all of your model''''s electronics work together seamlessly for the greatest efficiency and performance. It keeps you aware of every component''''s status, boosts your confidence in its capabilities, and makes your entire system more responsive and simple to use. Spektrum radios with Smart features can download firmware updates instantly using Wi-Fi and can swap setups with compatible radios via Bluetooth. Spektrum Smart LiPo batteries have a built-in microchip that records and communicates your charging preferences automatically to Smart chargers — just connect your pack and press "Start." Smart IC™ series connectors include an innovative data wire that transfers information easily between Smart components with a single connection. Finally, Smart ESCs not only deliver power but also eliminate the hassles from running telemetry. The days of installing and connecting multiple wires, sensors, modules and links are over. Product Features •6-channel DSMR / DSM2 receiver Full-range telemetry capabilities with Spektrum Firma Smart ESC Great for models that will benefit from AVC Technology that need additional channels for lights, shift servos and other accessories Steering priority puts the driver in complete control •Fully adjustable-set the precise amount of stability you want or turn off if desired Water-resistant "Realkote" coating protects electronics Voltage sensor data port, voltage sensor included Works with any RC car, truck or buggy Compatible with all DSMR transmitters Product Overview Built around frequency-agile DSMR technology, the Spektrum SR6100AT 6-channel receiver delivers superb range and response, especially in places where multiple 2.4GHz systems are in use at one time. SR6100AT features patented Spektrum AVC (Active Vehicle Control) and full range telemetry capabilities. AVC Technology reads your control inputs, senses your car''''s direction and makes as many as 180 steering and power adjustments per second so you can hold the line without holding back. SR6100AT taps into telemetry functions from Spektrum Smart Technology electronic speed controls and conventional Temp, RPM and voltage sensors via X-Bus adapter. Smart Throttle The SR6100AT receiver throttle port includes Smart Throttle. This port will automatically detect when a Smart throttle electronic speed control is plugged in and the throttle port will begin to operate in Smart throttle mode. When combined with Spektrum Smart LiPo batteries with IC series connectors can pass along battery data from compatible Spektrum Smart batteries. The SR6100AT also features two integrated telemetry ports that are compatible with telemetry capable DSMR transmitters. If a standard ESC or servo is plugged into the throttle port on the SR6100AT receiver, the throttle port will operate normally like any conventional receiver. AVC Technology With the SR6100AT driver''''s get stability control for ANY vehicle in their collection! You can have the stability control of AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control) technology in any vehicle just by adding the SR6100AT receiver and binding it to an AVC compatible transmitter. AVC technology creates a more enjoyable driving experience by managing the vehicle''''s driving characteristics and attitude. This translates into more control for you and a more manageable vehicle in all driving environments. Compatible Products Spektrum SR6100AT 6-Channel AVC Telemetry Surface Receiver SPMSR6100AT is compatible with ARA109001, LOS03010T1, LOS03010T2, LOS03011T1, LOS03011T2, LOS03012T1, LOS03012T2, LOS03013T1, LOS03013T2, LOS03014T1, LOS03014T2, LOS03017T1, LOS03017T2, LOS03020T1, LOS03020T2, LOS03025, LOS03027T1, LOS03027T2, LOS04015, LOS05013T1, LOS05013T2, LOS05014T1, LOS05014T2, LOS05016T1, LOS05016T2, LOS05018, SPM5000, SPM5110 Antenna Length:4.7" (120mm) Band:2.4GHz Bind Method:Bind Button Channels:6 Data Port:No Failsafe:Yes Flight Log Compatible:Yes Governor:No Height:0.59" (15.1mm) Input Voltage:3.5 - 9.6V Length:1.7" (42.4mm) Modulation:DSMR/DSM2 Number of Receivers:One Range:Full Resolution:1024 Rev Limiter:No Telemetry:Compatible Type:DSMR/DSM2 6-Channel AVC Telemetry Receiver Water-Resistant:Yes Weight:0.35oz (10g) Width:0.94" (23.9mm)


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